Book of Sex - Casual Dating Site For Sexting Chat

If you are looking for a website for casual dating and casual sexual encounters, you will be able to take a look at BookofSex There is a decent member base around this website. These members are contributing a lot to the vibrant nature of the online dating platform. Hence, anyone who has an interest in sexting chat and casual dating may take a look at BookofSex. Your chances of getting successful results with sex dating will be guaranteed on this site.

Signing up process

There is a five-stage signup process on BookofSex. You might notice that the signup process is quite lengthy. However, it is also important to understand that this site has site a lengthy signing up process because it wants to deliver the best experience to all the users. When you are signing up with BookofSex, you will notice that you don't just have to enter your basic information. Along with that, you will also notice that it is asking about your preferences. Based on that, the best recommendations will be offered for casual dating. Therefore, you just need to take your time and go through the signup process. Then you will be able to get the best experience that comes along with BookofSex.

Members overview

BookofSex is a website that is specifically designed for sex dating. Hence, you will only be able to find adults aged above 18 years. Most of the members who are using BookofSex are in their 20s, 30s, or 40s. There is an equal number of men and women on the site. If you are looking for senior members for sexting chat, this might not be the best option available to consider as of now. While keeping that in mind, you should take a look at BookofSex and get the best experience offered out of it.

Great features

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is one of the key features that you can find in BookofSex. In fact, most of the members have signed up with the sex dating site because of instant messaging. It is providing you with a convenient and effortless channel to get in touch with the members that you are interested in communicating with. This will be providing a convenient overall experience. Hence, you will not have to deal with any challenges as you continue to use them.

Hot or Not

Hot or Not is a feature that introduces a matchmaking system to BookofSex. You will be able to go through the pictures that other members on BookofSex have uploaded to their profiles. Then you can comment whether you find those pictures hot or not. Based on the responses and the interactions, you will be able to get a great experience on BookofSex.

Live models

There are live broadcasts taking place on BookofSex. You will be able to see live models on action with the help of this feature. There is a decent number of performers on BookofSex. You will be able to go through their performances and get the best experience offered out of BookofSex. No matter what, you will be impressed with the performances of the models who are showing their skills on BookofSex.

What's Hot

What's Hot is another impressive section that you can find in BookofSex Along with the help of this feature, you will b able to watch the hottest photos that you can find on the dating platform. You can continue to go through the hottest photos uploaded by other members on the adult dating site. However, this feature is not just limiting you to photos. Along with photos, you will also get the opportunity to find albums and videos.

Secure payment system

There is a secure payment system that you can find in BookofSex. Therefore, you don't have to worry too much before you continue to make payments on the BookofSex. All your payments would be properly encrypted. Therefore, you will be able to go ahead with the payments without having to worry too much about risking anything.

Advanced support

The customer support team behind BookofSex is quite impressive. When you are in need of support, you will be able to get in touch with the customer support team. They are helpful. However, you should have the Gold membership on BookofSex, so that you can receive premium support without a problem. This would deliver quick and straightforward solutions to the problems that you have while using BookofSex.

Advanced search filters

You can discover advanced search filters on this website as well. You will be impressed with the advanced features and what they are offering. By taking the most out of these advanced search filters, you can easily locate members who are using the dating platform. Hence, you will not have to go through any major challenges when you are trying to find the perfect member on BookofSex for getting into a sex chat.

Premium members can get to the top of the search results

If you are having a premium membership on BookofSex, you will have the opportunity to get to the top of the search results without a problem. This is an outstanding feature available on the site to provide more prominence to the premium members who are using the features offered out of it.


  • It will understand your preferences during the registration process and provide useful recommendations
  • As of now, there are more than 30 million registered users with BookofSex
  • There are lots of useful features available on the site, which are designed to entertain the users who have signed up for accounts
  • You can easily navigate through the sexting chat website and get the best experience according to your preferences.


  • If you sign up for a free account, you will have to deal with the limited functionality offered
  • There is no dedicated mobile app available for BookofSex.


You can find two membership plans on BookofSex, which include the free membership and the Gold membership. As in other adult finder websites, you will need to buy the Gold membership for unlocking all the features that are coming to you with this site. If you want to buy the premium membership for one month, you will have to make a payment of $19.95. Likewise, the Gold Membership for three months and twelve months are priced at $38.85 and $129.95, respectively. If you are going to purchase the premium membership on BookofSex for a longer period, you will be able to secure getting the best deal. This is something that you can often find in most of the dating sites that are available on the internet.


If you are into casual dating, there are numerous websites available to consider. However, BookofSex is providing a better experience than all of them. That's mainly because you can find an excellent user base around this website. There is a total of over 30 million people who are using BookofSex. Out of them, a considerable percentage of the users are active as well. Hence, you can go ahead with all your sex dating fantasies while using BookofSex.