Tinder – Hot Sexting Site & App for Adult Finders

Among adult finders around the globe, Tinder doesn't need any introduction. This is because it is one of the most popular and commonly used sexting websites around the globe. It allows you to find friends, casual sex partners, or even would-be heartthrob via your mobile device or a computer. This website doesn't only give people an amazing sexting experience, but it has also improved the social acceptability of online dating.

Based on the design of this hot sexting site, it is easy for you to meet different individuals online. Once you have signed up, you can easily and quickly find people within your neighborhood or city whether they are at work, on a journey, in a bar, or even in the comfort of their home.

Signing up process

If you are ready to sign up on this sexting finder, registration will require about 5 to 8 minutes. Regardless of your knowledge of the use of the internet, you can register on this site because its process is convenient and simple. Unlike other adult finders, Tindercom provides you with an opportunity to choose your preferred signup method. So, you can sign up via your email address, mobile phone number, or Facebook account.

You need to verify your account via your email address or phone number. Then, you will continue the process by entering your name, gender, date of birth, as well as a profile picture. Once you have completed these simple steps, you are ready to start swiping to find matches.

Members of Tinder

Being one of the biggest platforms for adult finders on this planet, it doesn't come as a surprise that Tinder Site has millions of users. In fact, it has been estimated that the platform has about 100 million users globally. The membership of this website has continued to grow over the past years.

In the US alone, there are over 28 million people registered on this exceptional sexting app. Out of all users of Tinder, 8 million registered users are active weekly. This further establishes how big and popular this hot sexting site is.

As expected, Tindercom is mostly dominated by male users. While 37% of the users are females, 67% are known to be males. In addition, the majority of the users are young people from 18 to 35 years old.

Main features

Now, let's talk about the main features of Tinder that keep driving more people to it. Here are the common features you should know about:

Photo verification

As long as sexting finder is concerned, you can hardly avoid meeting catfishes (these are individuals that pretend to be someone else so that they can scam or harm you). To lower the risk of being catfished on the site, Tinder offers photo verification.

This feature requires each member to take and upload real-life selfies. Afterward, Tinder's employees will verify the selfies to authenticate whether they belong to the member or not. Once authenticated, Tinder will add a blue checkmark to the username of the user so that other members can know that they have been photo-verified.

Top picks

In a bid to make it easier and faster for you to find an ideal match, Tinder uses the "Top Picks" feature to give you a list of the best candidates. These candidates are chosen based on the criteria you have selected while setting up your profile on this hot sexting site.


Each member receives a free Super Like daily; you can send it to any member that you want. This can help you kick-start a new conversation or nurture an existing one. Premium members of Tindercom can get more than one Super Like every day.


This feature is designed for increasing your chances of getting a match on Tinder. It will put your profile on the front page for about 30 minutes so that people can swipe right, check out your profile, and probably start chatting with you.

Super Boost

If you want to boost your chances of being seen on Tinder.com by as much as 100 times, Super Boost is the feature you should subscribe to.

Passport/Swipe around the World

Basically, your search on this sexting app is limited to your current geographical location. But if you are looking for members in other parts of the country or even the world, Passport/Swipe around the World can make your dream become a reality.

Read Receipt

Like WhatsApp and other popular instant messaging apps, this feature enables you to know whether your match has read your message or not. After buying this feature, you can activate it for a conversation. However, Tinder will not let the other person know that you have the Read Receipt feature.

Swipe Night

Swipe Night is a feature meant for enabling users to play a game that can help them find the best match. Every user can take part in this game. Once you are done with the game, you will be matched with users who choose the same things as you did.

Noonlight for Tinder

This feature has been added to Tindercom due to the site's partnership with Noonlight, which is a personal safety app. Using this feature, you can easily share who, where and when your date will be. Hence, if anything goes wrong during or after the date, the Noonlight app enables you to send out a discreet distress notification. Your whereabouts will be tracked via alert emergency services to prevent any harm.

Tinder U

Are you a university student looking for hookups, friends, etc.? Tinder U is the best feature you can use to find matches within your campus. With this feature, you can swipe your current classmates, display the colors of your school, and also continue enjoying your dating game within your school campus. Even if you want to check out matches on other campuses, this feature allows you.

Pros Cons
✓ Video Chat
✓ Free to use basic fetaures
✓ Huge user base
✓ Simple, modern interface
✗ Lots of incremental ways to spend money
✗ Here are some ads

Safety & Privacy

For most people, safety and privacy are also the major concerns when registering on any sexting websites. Luckily, Tinder has implemented some features that address these issues. Foremost, the Photo Verification feature of this sexting app reduces the risk of misrepresentation and catfishing.

Due to the partnership with Noonlight, Tinder can keep track of your date with anyone you have met via this sexting finder. If things ever go out of hand, you can send a notification that will allow the emergency service providers to come to your aid.

In terms of privacy, Tinder doesn't share your information with any third party. However, registered members of the website can see your profile as well as photos. Therefore, you should be careful with any information you provide on this site.

Reviews of Tinder

Like other adult finders, lots of users have different things to say about Tinder. Here, let's show a few of the reviews of users:

"So never thought I would say this but I found the love of my life on Tinder lol. So many bad experiences to go through to get to him. But honestly, he is worth all that sacrifice. Keep your head up folks, you will get there."

"I have been using Tindercom for the last 3 years and it is by far my favorite dating app. I have met a lot of women on the service and we all have had a LOT of fun! It's great for guys (and gals) who want to date but don't want to be tied down in a long-term relationship."


The three main types of accounts on Tindercom are:

Free Basic account

With this account, you don't have to pay anything. This free account allows you to download the free sexting app on Google App or App Store, upload pictures, exchange messages with your matches, video chat, etc. You can even craft a short bio of around 500 characters to describe yourself.

However, if you want to get several Super Likes, Boost, Super Boost, Read Receipt, Swipe Night, etc., you need to subscribe to one of the paid accounts below.

1 month 3 months 6 months
$34.99(female) - $54.99(male) 69.99(female) - 89.99(male) $99.96(female) / $143.99(male)


Tindercom is a top-notch hot sexting app with a modern, easy-to-use interface. It offers several amazing features such as video chat, messaging, etc. Although this hot sexting site is great and even offers free accounts, it has several incremental means of making you spend lots of money to enjoy many of its special features.