FriendFinder – Hot Adult Sexting Website

Are you searching for a sexting website that allows sexting chat, instant messaging, and other sex-related activities? If yes, FriendFinder should be one of the names on your list. This sexting site prides itself on having more than 3 million registered users as well as more than 150,000 active monthly users.

When it comes to relationships, dating, hookups, and sexting chat, FriendFinder provides every tool you need to succeed. Additionally, this website encompasses a wide range of relationships. Therefore, if you are looking for partners for conventional or non-conventional relationships or hookups, Friend Finder is the right place for you to be. By using this reliable sexting website, you can meet different like-minded individuals that share the same interests and desires as you.

This sexting website also improves its services and products from time to time so that it can meet the ever-changing needs of the dating community.

Steps to find real adult friend finders

Finding a real adult friend finder can sometimes look like a herculean task. However, FriendFinder has made everything look so easy for everyone. With a few steps, you can start looking for real adult friend finders on the platform without much hassle.

To complete the registration on this website, you need to take some steps within a few minutes. In general, you have to answer some common questions and supply some basic information about yourself. Also, you cannot complete the registration without using your email address.

Once you are done, the next step is to create your Cupid Preferences which allows you to specify some important criteria of individuals you want to meet on this site. These criteria include the age range of the individuals, how far/close they are to you, their race, their relationship, and their look. All these criteria will assist this sexting chat site to select the people that will be displayed when you are searching for matches.

Also, you can use a particular section to describe yourself to other users. You can provide personal information such as your type of personality, hobbies, work, appearance, and so on. Afterward, you can select a few photos of yourself. Otherwise, you can use the webcam of your device to take pictures and upload them on FriendFinder.

Now, you can start looking for friend finders on this site. Notably, Friend Finder has some advanced search options that ensure that you can find people that match your requirements easily.

Main features

Like several other sexting sites, FriendFinder comes with some spectacular features. These features include:

Advanced search options

As long as you have chosen the right criteria, FriendFinder eases the process of finding people that match your preferences. Generally, you can use "who's online", "new matches", "members near me", and several other search options to find people.

Instant messaging

With this feature, you can enjoy seamless sexting chat with different people from Friend Finder and other dating sites associated with the Friend Finder Network such as AdultFriendFinder and XMatch.

Connection through Facebook

When using this sexting website, your interaction with people is not limited to only one option. You can connect your Friend Finder account with Facebook and start chatting with people through the social media platform.

Besides, FriendFinder allows its users to select their profile pictures from Facebook. So, if you are confused about the profile pictures you want to use for this site, just log into your Facebook account and select one of the pictures there.

Video introduction

Are you tired of writing lengthy messages to describe yourself on your dating profile? Well, FriendFinder enables you to create a video introduction. You can put on your webcam to record a video or choose an existing video on your device.

Personal blog

With the aid of your FriendFinder account, you can use the personal blog feature to create and maintain an online journal or blog. If you are a standard user, you can only write in your journal. However, upgrading to premium members allows you to write and also add amazing images to your journal.


Would you like to share your stories and articles with other users of Friend Finder? If yes, the Magazine feature allows you to do so. You can also use this feature for creating polls and advising other users. Otherwise, just visit this section to read the stories of other members. Magazine also promotes seamless interaction with others.

Hot or Not

This is one of the newest features of FriendFinder. Using this feature, you are allowed to decide whether other users are hot or not based on how they look in their images.

Interest Groups

These work like forums. So, you can use this feature to discuss a wide range of topics with other members of Friend Finder. It is worthwhile to understand that there are hundreds of interest groups on this site. Also, if you have a topic you want to discuss with other members, just create your interest group.

Live Webcam viewing

To take your sexting chat to another level, Friend Finder has a live webcam viewing option. This adult entertainment feature gives you unlimited access to view what other members are doing in real-time. You can also watch nude models that are broadcasting their adult content through this feature.

Update status

Like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media channels, Friend Finder allows users to post their statuses. Other users can view your status on your profile or the activity feed.

Safety & Privacy

Of course, there is always a special consideration for safety and privacy when choosing a sexting website. Factually, FriendFinder doesn't take lots of actions to guarantee the safety of its members. Apart from the general email verification, there is no other verification that users must do to prevent misrepresentation or scams.

However, this site allows you to choose a username that ensures that no member will know your real name or other personal information. Also, FriendFinder doesn't allow any third party to access users' data.

Comments of users

Users of FriendFinder have a lot of things to say about the site. A few selected users' comments are copied below:

"Friend Finder is a nice site that has assisted me to get hookups a couple of times. Although it looks clumsy at the beginning. I later got used to it and started getting used to how to use it. Overall, I think it is a good site for hookups."

"My friend introduced me to FriendFinder because she met her bf on it. Well, I have not found a bf on it, LOL. But I think the site is good. I have got one hookup from there and everything went well even though I couldn't take it any further than that. But I recommend FF for anyone looking for hookups. Just make sure you are careful of some fake users."

"I've tried this one too. They trick you. This is another dating website I tried for three months and paid a lot of money. I signed up, really excited with the profiles. When I got a message from a lady, she said she wanted to get to know me and meet me... I got no reply. I was disappointed and angry...The quality of the website and service is very bad. Lure you in with fake information. Don't make this same mistake as I did. It's not worth it."


Using the free membership, you can do lots of things include searching for other users, uploading videos and photos, creating blogs, flirting with people, etc. However, if you want access to more features of Friend Finder, you need a paid membership.

Membership Type 1 month 3 Months 6 months
Silver membership $22.95 $41.85 $65.70
Gold membership $34.95 $59.94 $95.60

Pros and cons

Like other sexting sites, this platform has its upsides and downsides.


  • You can use it to find members without signing up.
  • It has lots of social media-like features.
  • Its free membership allows you to do lots of things.
  • It has many promotional offers that assist users to enjoy the paid features at reduced prices.


  • It has many fake profiles and scammers.
  • Its layout is not modern and can be confusing for new users.


    Basically, FriendFinder is a good sexting website that can be explored by people of different sexual orientations and gender. Its features promote good community interaction which many individuals need. Unfortunately, this site is not designed for individuals looking for serious or committed relationships. So, you should only see Friend Finder as something for casual dating. Besides, you must be cautious of fake profiles that may want to scam you of your money.