GetItOn – Find & Meet, Hookup Local Adults

When it comes to meeting and hooking up local adults, GetItOn is believed to be one of the best sites to join. With millions of users around the globe, it does not come as a surprise that GetItOn is one of the biggest dating platforms. Launched in 1999, this sexting hookup site is focused on assisting people to start hookups as well as casual relationships. All thanks to the several opportunities it provides to make its users engage one another.

One of the most notable things about GetItOn is its astounding diversity. In other words, the user base of this sexting website comprises individuals of various age ranges, genders, sexual orientations, races, relationship statuses, countries, and lots more. Therefore, all you need to do is to use certain criteria to search for people that suit your preferences.

Main features

Expectedly, GetItOn has numerous features which include:

Large user base

Overall, it has been estimated that GetItOn has over 10 million registered users in different countries around the globe. Also, this site has more than 500,000 active monthly users. This makes it one of the biggest and most commonly used sexting websites for anyone looking for local adults.

Live model chat

GetItOn partners with some professional models who host different live video chats from time to time. So, as a member of this sexting website, you can join one of the live video chats for some steamy sessions. Notably, there are free videos for every member as well as private ones that are only available for only premium users.

Discussion groups and forums

With discussion groups, members of GetItOn have another opportunity to meet other local adults that are looking for hookups and casual dating. Each member of this website can create a group or forum where others can join them to discuss a wide range of topics. Whether you are a free or paid member of GetItOn, you can participate in the chat group.


It has a blog session that works like a typical blog. This service offers every member of this sexting hookup site a chance to write different articles and publish them for other users to see. Once published, other users of this site can read and comment on the blog post. Therefore, if you have some opinions you would like to share, this is your chance to do so.


This sexting dating site provides you with an opportunity to get some amazing points by performing a few tasks. Once you have accumulated the points to a particular stage, you can redeem them to buy a Gold membership or enjoy some features without paying a dime. So, this special feature of differentiates this sexting hookup site from many other platforms offering similar services.

Invite or Refer Someone

This is one of the major tasks that you can use to earn extra points on GetItOn. All you have to do with this feature is just to invite one of your friends, family members, colleagues, etc. Once the invited individual has joined GetItOn and bought a plan, this platform will give you some points, which can be claimed later.

Sexting dating Tips

This feature enables to give tips to another member of GetItOn. For example, if you like the performance of a live model, you can decide to tip the model by using this feature. The given tips will be utilized to accumulate points that the person can redeem later to get some freebies. Otherwise, the points earned from GetItOn tips can be used to unlock some of the spectacular features of this sexting website.

Safety & Privacy

Generally, is a relatively safe site for anyone that searching for hookups and no-commitment relationships. The platform has a top-notch technical team that works all around the clock to ensure the privacy, security, and safety of its users. This is done through the implementation of different measures.

Firstly, GetItOn only requests basic information about each user. Resultantly, the platform doesn't have any information that can be used to scam or harm you. Also, it has an easy-to-understand privacy policy. Without giving your basic data to any third party, GetItOn works with reputable forensic professionals to improve the safety and privacy of the users.

Secondly, this sexting hookup platform relies on GoDaddy's technical security measures to protect your data. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are safe when using GetItOn.


The previous and existing local adults on GetItOn have a lot of things to say about this site.

"I have used a couple of dating and hookup sites before, so getting used to GetItOn was not difficult. It took me some weeks before really finding someone, but it was finally good when I met the person and starting messaging her. I don't think this website is bad at all"

"Maybe GetItOn is not the best dating site available, but I'm sure it is not a scam; it is real. I have been using it for more than 3 years, and I have had some hookups with real humans, not bots. LOL. You just need to be careful so that you don't fall victims to those looking for people to dupe because many of them are on this site."

"One of my friends introduced me to this website as she has been using it for a long period. But honestly, it looks confusing to me, maybe because I am new to all these online dating things. In fact, one of the few people I felt I was connecting with started asking me for money to do one thing or another. Anyway, I don't use it again."


Before joining Get It On, you can kick-start your sexting experience on the site with a free 7-day trial. During this trial, you can create an account and profile, check out the profiles of other users, watch live model video chats, read and publish articles on blogs, utilize search filters, join groups and forums, etc.

However, after the 7-day trial, you have to subscribe to the Gold membership plan s of GetItOn to continue the features of the platform.

The payment for this membership is below:

1 month 3 Months 12 months
$29.95 $59.80 - $19.93/mo $179.10 - $14.93/mo

Pros and cons

Like other sites, GetItOn has its pros and cons.


  • The homepage looks classy and clean without pornographic pictures that can make users feel unsafe and confused.
  • It has comprehensive filters and search options that make it easy for you to find people that match your sexual and physical criteria.
  • Its modern and user-friendly interface makes it easier for both old and new members to navigate the site without much hassle. You don't need any experience or advanced skills to start enjoying its features.
  • It offers a free 7-day trial that you can use to test whether this platform is for you or not. With this feature, you don't have to waste your hard-earned money until you are certain you like GetItOn.
  • If you have any issues while using this sexting website, you can get in touch with its customer service team. The team is available 24/7 to handle all issues you are dealing with.


  • It does not have any special measure for screening or verifying the identity of the members. Resultantly, you are likely going to come across several scammers and fake users while using GetItOn.
  • It does not have a dedicated app for Android and iPhone users. So, if you are looking for a site that allows you to chat with matches anywhere you go on your mobile device, GetItOn is not for you.
  • GetItOn considers the communication of its members as "public". Hence, it can use it for ads.
  • If you are not active on for a few months without deactivating your account, you will be charged a maintenance fee.
  • Summary

    With continuous operation for more than 20 years, there is no doubt that GetItOn is a legit site for people looking for local adults for different kinds of relationships and hookups. It has numerous astonishing features that can help you find local adults.

    Although we recommend this sexting website for people, you should be careful of what you upload or share on it. This is because the site is notorious for using users' conversations for ads. Besides, like other sexting hookup sites, there are scammers on GetItOn.