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Safety Tips for Sexting Chat on Sexting Websites

Sexting simply combines the words "sex" and "texting". It is all about sending sexual messages to another person. In most cases, sexting chat involves using a sexting website to exchange different explicit texts with another user. It is worthwhile to note that sexting usually includes seminude and nude photos. Also, you may add some explicit videos to sexting chat.

Although sexting involves people of all ages, most sexting users are tech-savvy young people and teenagers. If you are trying to enjoy this activity, you should observe some safety tips that can prevent you from experiencing any problems.

Here are the safety tips for sexting chat on sexting websites:

Choose your sexting websites carefully

Today, there are thousands of websites for sexting with different people. But if you want to be sexting on a website, you should realize that the internet is not always a safe place. Consequently, some sexting sites may use your data for other things. Others may not protect your chat or information and, resultantly, allow scammers to access it.

Therefore, it is important to be careful. To ensure your safety and security, you should only use sites with "HTTPS", not just "HTTP". Also, read about the reviews of the websites online before choosing anyone. From the reviews of the previous users, you can know whether the site is safe or not.

Take it slow

Safe sexting involves lots of buildups. You shouldn't expect things to get started quickly. In fact, you should be wary of any user that wants to kick-start sexting. Take the time to know a few more about the other person before going too deep into sexting. This affords you the opportunity to notice anything unusual about the other person. If anything seems off, don't hesitate to avoid the other user.

Ensure the sexting is consensual

Before sending a sexting chat on any sexting website, you should be certain that it is consensual. In other words, don't go to any site and send erotic messages, explicit videos, or pictures to them without getting their expressed consent. Doing so can put you at risk and even violate their right.

Regardless of how you met someone, you should first inquire if they are okay with sexting or not. Ensure the person is willing to take part in the exchange of erotic messages. Afterward, let the other person know your expectations. Both of you must agree about what you can receive, what you can send, as well as the frequency of sexting.

Don't share any personal information with anyone

While enjoying sexting with any user on the internet, you may be tempted to share some personal information. However, this can expose you to a wide range of safety challenges. Some people may use the information to scam you or just expose it to hurt your reputation.

Therefore, you must your personal information such as your full name, name of spouse or children, home address, office address, etc. You shouldn't also share your bank information with anyone.

Understand the risks involved in sexting on any website

The truth is that sexting is not entirely safe. In other words, there are always some risks involved in sexting on any site. This is especially true if you are a high-profile person with a lot to protect. For example, if you are a celebrity, no special security feature can protect your identity fully.

As a consequence of this, you must be careful with everything you do on any sexting website. Don't put too much information on any site. Avoid putting yourself at risk.

Sexting chat with a secure device

When sexting, there is always a risk of leaving some dirty messages on your device. So, you are advised to only sext with a phone that is secure and out of reach of any other person. It is recommended that you use an individual device for sexting if you can afford it. If not, you should also clear your chats after sexting chat with anyone.

In addition, you should avoid using connected devices for sexting. For instance, if your iPhone is connected to your iPad via the iMessage app, it may lead to issues. This is because you may be careless with one of the devices and receive dirty messages from your partner on it. In such a case, another person may have access to the messages.

Be certain you want to sext before sending any message

Before hitting the send button, it is paramount to check in with yourself. This means that you should be absolutely certain that you are in a good condition to be involved in sexting chat.

You should also yourself some questions. Are you comfortable with sexting? Do you feel right about it at that particular time? Do you feel hesitant? If you don't feel right about sexting, you should not sext.

Reduce or eliminate identifying features

Another safety tip for sexting on a sexting site is that you should reduce or eliminate identifying features. That is, your messages, videos, or photos should have any feature that can make it easy for anyone to identify you.

Generally, you should avoid adding your name to any video or photo. Also, don't include your face. If you have any piercings, tattoos, birthmarks, or moles that can people identify you, make sure they don't appear in the pictures or videos. You should also avoid using a descript background.

Don't sext when you are drunk

Being drunk can alter your judgment significantly. Hence, drinking and sexting can make you send messages that you wouldn't have sent otherwise. Besides, you may send erotic messages or nude pictures to the wrong person. While you may apologize later, this will not necessarily stop the embarrassment or regret that comes with sending such messages. Therefore, if you want to be safe while sexting chat on sexting websites, you should never do it when drunk.

Turn off any service that can back up your photos to a cloud

Sometimes, your smartphone or computer may back up your photos directly on some cloud services. Since sexting usually involves nude pictures and explicit videos, such a service may keep your media on a cloud where others may see it. So, if you want to avoid unauthorized access to your media, you should turn off any service that can back up your media to a cloud. In most cases, this means that you need to delete EXIF metadata on your device.

Get rid of any evidence

One of the most essential safety tips for sexting chat on sexting websites is deleting the evidence. You must always delete the dirty text messages, nude photos, and explicit videos on your device. This is particularly important if you have children or even adults that usually snoop around your device. Such people can see your nudes accidentally.

However, if you want to keep the dirty texts and photos, you should password your device to prevent people from accessing your chats. Also, you can move the photos to a file on a USB that can be stored in a safe and secure location.

Avoid sexting at work

While the fun of sexting chat may want to tempt you to sext at work, it can lead to safety concerns. The first problem with sexting at work is that your employer may be tracking your phone. Resultantly, your workplace may have access to your dirty conversations on sexting websites. Don't sext with a tracked phone. In addition, you should avoid using the Wi-Fi of your workplace when sexting.

You should also be mindful of where your sexting partner is currently located before chatting with them. Sexting with such a person at work can lead to regrets or issues that will harm your relationship.

Don't put too much trust in a partner

Your partner can easily assure you that they will never share your dirty messages, photos, and videos with anyone. However, you should understand that things may change between the two of you later. Resultantly, the person may decide to share your messages, photos, or videos with others. Therefore, you shouldn't put too much trust in anyone.

Besides, if you don't trust someone enough, you shouldn't share any messages or photos with them.


With the various safety tips above, you now understand how you can protect yourself when you are enjoying sexting chat on sexting websites. Therefore, you should not hesitate to follow these tips.